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artSpace Summer Camp featured in local arts writer Blog by Nicole Royse

Beat the heat and visit the Shemer Art Center !

Monday, June 9 2014
By Nicole Royse

This summer is the perfect time to reconnect with your inner artist or help your children explore the arts at the Shemer Art Center and Museum (SACAMA).
Located at 5005 E Camelback Road, Phoenix and open to the public from Monday through Friday 10:00am until 3:00pm. For over thirty years the Shemer has been providing the valley with amazing programs and beautiful art founded in 1985 run by the City of Phoenix until 2010 when SACAMA too over all operations. They focus on giving the community “a unique and inviting atmosphere to enjoy and learn about visual art through exhibitions classes, and programs.” Focusing on small intimate classes, unique courses, and an excellent roster of experienced teaching artists. The SACAMA‘s mission is to be a “home for the arts” that nurtures creativity and imagination through art.

Throughout the year they offer a variety of art classes and lectures for both children and adults. This summer the Shemer is offering “artSpace – A place for You and Your Ideas!” an exciting art camp designed for children ages 9 –13 held weekly Monday through Friday from 10am until 3pm each day. The camp can be taken in 1 week or 3 week sessions. Each week children will spend time with artists “who teach drawing, painting, ceramics, 3D sculpture with found objects, duct tape, origami, silkscreening t-shirts, beading, fashion design and a whole lot more!” This is a great opportunity to explore the arts in a small setting since each class is limited to only 15 students. Session 1 is held from June 9th – June 27th, Monday – Friday 10-3pm. Session II will be held July 14th – July 25th, Monday-Friday 10-3pm. For more information about their art program or registration please visit:

They also offer incredible Adult art programs which last anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks with costs ranging from $40 to $110 this includes equipment and tools with separate fees for basic supplies. This summer Shemer is featuring an excellent variety of courses including drawing, painting, watercolor, mix-media, printmaking, ceramics, and basic metal work. Their courses are taught by an excellent group of teaching artists including Elliott Everson, Sue Hunter, Allan Jones, Donna Stenger, Agustin Vargas, Amber Wanielista, John Erwin, and Larry Nisula.

Throughout the year the Shemer Art Center and Museum features lectures as well as an exciting exhibition calendar, which highlights both local and national artists. The current art exhibition is “Through Each Others Eyes Photography Retrospective” featuring a beautiful local and international 77 print photography exhibition. Since 1988, 38 photo exchanges have occurred, providing images from around the globe. This exhibition is the 25th year and celebration of this extraditionary project and organization on view until June 19th.

Next up in the gallery is “Folk Art Toys from Around the World” which opens June 26th through July 24th. Be sure to join them for a reception on June 26th from 7-9pm! The Shemer Art Center and Museum also offers wonderful lectures including the upcoming “Art Renaissance Lecture on Edgar Degas” on June 12th at 6:00pm. For more information about the lectures please visit:

Take an art class, enjoy a lecture or explore the latest exhibition this summer at the ShemerArt Center and Museum!


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