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In 2010 a non-profit, 501C-3 open membership organization called the Shemer Art Center & Museum Association, Inc., (SACAMA), took on the challenge of taking over from the City of Phoenix the daily operations and staffing of the Shemer Art Center.  The non-profit board and its staff were dedicated to growing the Shemer Art Center into a viable art center that would provide Arcadia and the City of Phoenix, as well as residents visiting or residing in the entire state of Arizona, a unique and inviting atmosphere to enjoy and learn about visual art through classes, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events.

Today the SACAMA board of directors and the Shemer Art Center staff continue to dedicate themselves and their efforts to enriching the lives of Phoenix and Arizona residents by providing a “home for the arts” that showcases and supports Arizona artists.

Board of Directors

Chair – Chris Orkild (Director / Senior Portfolio Manager, BMO Private Bank )

        Open – Vice Chair

Treasurer – Chris Orkild (until position is filled)

Secretary – Gloria Argueso

       Past President – Jay Jennings

       Member – Mary Neubauer  (Artist, President’s Professor – Sculpture, ASU)

       Member – Todd Feltus  (Attorney, Kercsmar Feltus & Collins PLLC)

       Member – Jana Weldon  (Beautification, Arts & Sciences Program Manager, City of Flagstaff)

      Member – Brett Benton  (President, Assured Partners)



Barry Shemer

Orme Lewis, Jr.

Jim Lowman



Shonna James, President & Executive Director

       Cassie Wiegmann, Visual Arts Manager

       Heidi Dauphin, Exhibitions Manager

       Jennifer Roman, Business Operations Specialist

       Rhonda McCormack,  Events and Volunteer Manager

       Anne Mello, Resource Specialist

       Carolyn Edlund, Gift Shop Coordinator

       Kathy Jackson, Volunteer / Memberships

       Donna Hardin, Volunteer / Admin.

       Pamela Paine, Volunteer / Admin.

       Mary Donaldson, Bookkeeper