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During Week Three of Summer Art Camp at Shemer, campers learned from the masters, creating amazing works of art in sculpture, drawing and painting all inspired by master artists from around the world.

Pictured above: Week 3 instructors, Mr. Jeremy- Sculpture, Ms. Barb- Drawing, Mr. Jason- Painting, and all our amazing artists!

In sculpture class, students created ceramic sculptures of cakes and pies inspired by the paintings of Wayne Theibaud.

In drawing, students learned about Op Artists like MC Escher and Victor Vasarely, and how to create their own mind-bending illusion drawings.

Mr. Jason taught students about the master painter Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. Students learned about how artists do studies drawing hands and they recreated Michelangelo’s iconic image of two hands reaching out toward each other using an image of their own hands.

In sculpture, campers created abstract sculptures inspired by Pablo Picasso’s cubist portraits.

In painting students created imaginary animals inspired by the whimsical creatures of Hieronymus Bosch.

Students also created brightly colored soft sculptures inspired by pop artists like Roy Lichtenstein.

By the end of the week all campers were master artists, with beautiful artwork on display to share with their families.

Thank you to our artists, instructors and volunteers who made it a fun week for all!

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