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In the final week of our 2023 Summer art camps at Shemer, campers learned all about how artwork tells a story. Students learned how artists throughout history have used art to tell stories and how to put their own stories and ideas into their own artwork.

Pictured above: Week 4 instructors, Mr. Jeremy- Sculpture, Ms. Barb- Drawing, Mr. Jason- Painting, and all our amazing artists and storytellers!

In Week Four of summer camp we were visited by Fox News Channel 1o, which featured our Shemer art camps and all the great teachers and campers participating.

Click here to watch the segment!

In sculpture, students created ceramic storyteller sculptures inspired by art traditions from New Mexico.

Mr. Jason taught students about landscape paintings and how they can be used to tell the story of a place.

In drawing, campers learned about the artist Charley Harper and how he used illustration to teach people about animals and conservation.

Campers even learned how to sew, creating their own teddy bears with which to share stories.

Students also created brightly colored, flower drawings inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe.

On Friday campers shared all the great learning and artwork they created during the week with their family and friends at the Art Show!

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