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During the second week of Shemer Art Camp students had a blast creating artwork inspired by the desert. Students learned all about the elements of art, lots of techniques, and details about the beautiful Sonoran desert!

Pictured above: Week 2 instructors, Ms. Barb- Drawing, Mr. Jeremy- Sculpture, Mr. Jason- Painting, and all the amazing artists!

In painting students created Pop Stars of the Desert, depicting desert animals inspired by the pop art style of Andy Warhol.

Students created ceramic luminaria artwork in sculpture class with Mr. Jeremy.

Ms. Barb’s students learned about perspective, creating desert landscape drawings inspired by artists Georgia O’Keeffe and Maynard Dixon.

Campers learned how to ‘zoom in’ and work big, creating flower drawings inspired by the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe (shown under the artwork currently on display by Sandra Luehrsen!)

Mr. Jeremy taught the kids different sculpture techniques in ceramics, fibers, paper and more.

On the last day of camp students celebrated all their hard work with an Art Show, where friends and families were able to appreciate all the great artwork created during the week.

Campers had fun personalizing an art apron commemorating their time at camp and signing their friend’s aprons.

Thank you to our artists, instructors and volunteers who made it a fun week for all!

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