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The first week of Shemer Art Center’s 2023 Summer Camps started off strong!  Students traveled through time learning about art throughout history from the Renaissance to Pop Art. Twenty-four students learned new skills and techniques in sculpture, painting and drawing, creating beautiful artwork to share with their families at the Friday Art Show.

Week 1 artists with their fantastic instructors:  Mr. Jason – Painting, Mr. Luke – Sculpture, and Ms. Barb – Drawing.

In drawing class students tried out a new technique for drawing portraits. They used clear acetate to trace a partner’s features and used the drawings to create a monoprint.

Students in painting created animal paintings inspired by the style of les Fauves with wild bright colors.

In ceramics students learned about traditional folk art face jugs from around the world and created their own ‘mug mugs’ inspired by those traditions.

Students learned about observational drawing techniques with Ms. Barb, and used shading techniques to create realistic still-life compositions.

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s portraits, students created their own portraits in his pop art style.

In sculpture class students created ceramic adobe houses using slab construction techniques.

Lastly, students learned about Alexander Calder’s sculptures called stables, and created their own large sculptures inspired by his artwork as a collaborative project.


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