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On November 18, 2016, the Shemer Art Center was pleased to celebrate the successful career of Angela Tassoni at Shemer Honors,  a new art gala created to benefit the Shemer Art Center.

The event included a cocktail reception and jewelry exhibition from 6 – 7 p.m. followed by a plated dinner and program held in a beautifully decorated tent on the front lawn.  Six interior design firms in the Arcadia area came together to support the event and showcase their talents, each drawing an artist theme and color to execute.  A harp player and an exceptional audio/visual presentation facilitated by Videowest added to the evening, which included an interview with artist Angela Tassoni, who grew up in Arcadia and since then has amassed world-wide success.  Returning to her neighborhood to give back, Angela personifies the generosity of Martha Shemer and will always be remembered for helping us start this new event!

Here is a collection of images from the evening:

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dsc_8497 dsc_8485 dsc_8477 dsc_8475 dsc_8472 dsc_8470 dsc_8469 dsc_8464 dsc_8453
dsc_8445 dsc_8439 dsc_8401 dsc_8397 dsc_8393







Salvatore Dali by Raegan Ford Interior Design


Michelangelo by Gina Fray Design, LLC


Joan Miro by Aesthetics Interior Design


Frida Kahlo by IMI Design Studio


Edgar Degas by One Posh Place


Vincent Van Gogh by Lauren James, LLC


A beautiful setting for an event!


Harp music during the cocktail reception


Board member Betty Wagner welcomes attendees

Board member Betty Wagner welcomes attendees

Guest of honor, Angela Tassoni

Guest of honor, Angela Tassoni



One of Angela's most recent paintings.

One of Angela’s most recent paintings.

A display of one-of-a-kind works of art

What a display of one-of-a-kind works of art!  To see more visit our gift shop!




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