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Gaia or Mother Earth is a welded steel sculpture with a Japanese brown patina. It represents the dual nature of mother earth that is both creative and destructive. Note that the torso is in two pieces thus connoting duality or a world of opposites. The circle represents the wheel of life from birth until death and the dark hole at the center of the circle represents mystery, eternity and the ambiguity of life. From the center of darkness is the abyss of the universe (s) with no beginning and no end or in other words eternity or the great void. The symmetry of the sculpture represents that all judgment in the field of time has consequences that are both good and bad and that time often reverses those perceptions. The base lifts up from the earth and steps smaller as the sculpture sweeps toward the sky. This sculpture is a representation of the small cosmic ball that rotates around a sun with boundaries imposed by mankind but also an earth where all life and humanity exist. This is our mother earth in which I believe our goal should be shared goodness with mankind.